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Polishing disk BUFF, 250 mm

Polishing disk BUFF, 250 mm

Polishing disk BUFF, 250 mm

Product Code:250 x 10 mm
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Polishing buff buff for shoulder grinders, deepens the color of the stone and maximizes gloss.

Using the polishing process correctly (50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 ...), close the dark stone with the last grain size # 3000.

Follow #BUFF, which starts working on wet stone, but without water from the machine. The residual water releases the polishing compound from the disc on the polished surface. We remove them by rotating the disc while warming the surface of the stone by working dry. At this temperature, enamel forms on the surface of the stone, which perfectly closes the surface of the material.

Beware of too high a temperature! You can repeat the procedure until the desired effect occurs.

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