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Flexible polishing disc 3-STEP, 80-100-125 mm

Flexible polishing disc 3-STEP, 80-100-125 mm

Flexible polishing disc 3-STEP, 80-100-125 mm

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Three-step polishing discs for working granite wet! Quickly and efficiently machined all common materials.
When Dark Materials recommend using grit 2+
High segment (3 mm) / high life / high efficiency

TOP PRODUCT in 2015 !!!

Q. treated with 3-step (step 3) the quality of the Dark Materials?
A: Working, but we recommend using a 2+ grit and finally BUFF

Q: How does it work with 3-step?
ANSWER: It is recommended to work honestly with each grit. If you single-grain material neopracovali honestly, following grit would have nedobrúsila and imperfection corrected.

Q: How quickly wear out wheels?
ANSWER: Most wears with # 1. It depends on the quality of surface / cut. Overall, the set of comparable durability as the classic 8-step set.

QUESTION: Is it true that the stone worked this set is "chemical polishing" and shine over time lose?
A: Definitely not! This rumor spread by some individuals who also offer diamond tools.
1 For the seller is more profitable to sell eight discs (Vintage set), and 3 disks ;-)
2 When polishing "wet" is any chemistry the ejected stream of water from the polisher
3, We are in the market for several years and did not allow it, we risk the reputation unverified product. 3-step is a technological innovation, progress and future in working stone!

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