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Flexible polishing pad BUFF, 100 mm

Flexible polishing pad BUFF, 100 mm

Flexible polishing pad BUFF, 100 mm

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Polishing buffs in the highest quality available.

BUFF white - suitable for light materials, technistone, increases gloss to maximum, leaves no traces of artificial stone.
BUFF black - for dark materials, deepens the color of the stone and maximizes the gloss.
BUFF green - universal, suitable for both dark and colored materials
BUFF red - NEW 2018! suitable especially for red and brown materials (multicolor, wanga, africa red, ...)


Proper use of the polishing process (50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 ...) closed the last dark stone grit # 3000th
Followed #BUFF with which he started working on wet stone, but no water from the machine. The remaining water is released from the roll polishing composition on polished surfaces. removed by the rotating blade while heated flat stones running dry. At this temperature it occurs at the glass surface of the stone, which completely closes the surface of the material.

Beware of too hot! The procedure can be repeated until the desired effect is not present.

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