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Diamond abrasive drill M14

A diamond drill designed for dry work has a synthetic diamond around the body, which serves not only..

From 1,079.23CZK Ex Tax: 899.36CZK

Drill bits, M14

Attachment: M14 directly to polishers, with channels for water supplyDepth of the bore (6,8,10,12 mm..

From 708.96CZK Ex Tax: 590.80CZK

Core drill, 5/4"

Core drills for professional use.Drive: 5/4Segment: Reinforced concrete..

From 2,341.92CZK Ex Tax: 1,951.60CZK

Diamond drill, G1/2 "

Drill bits for hard work in stone, concrete / rebarWorking depth: 300 mmMachine: core drilling machi..

From 1,780.80CZK Ex Tax: 1,484.00CZK

Drill bits, EP M14

Mounting: M14 (For standard angle grinders)Segment type: Galvanized diamondRecommended trays: 3000 -..

From 490.56CZK Ex Tax: 408.80CZK

Drill bits, EP

Attachment: 10 mm shank (for regular drills)Type Segment applied by electroplating diamondSpeed: 300..

From 302.40CZK Ex Tax: 252.00CZK

Drill bits, 4 mm

Diamond drill bit with full diamond segments. Suitable especially for drilling decorative font holes..

1,276.80CZK Ex Tax: 1,064.00CZK

1,276.80CZK Ex Tax: 1,064.00CZK


- a tool suitable for hard granite- Long lifetime of hard materials- cylindrical shank for common im..

From 117.60CZK Ex Tax: 98.00CZK

Reduction of the drill

Diamond drill adapter is suitable for common hand-held or stand drills.In addition, threaded M14 or ..

2,654.40CZK Ex Tax: 2,212.00CZK

2,654.40CZK Ex Tax: 2,212.00CZK

Reduction - extension 27x70xM14

A tool to get deeper into the material. Shaft with M14 thread (common angle grinders) at both ends, ..

661.92CZK Ex Tax: 551.60CZK

661.92CZK Ex Tax: 551.60CZK

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