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Flexible polishing pad STANDARD, 80-100-125-150 mm

Flexible polishing pad STANDARD, 80-100-125-150 mm

Flexible polishing pad STANDARD, 80-100-125-150 mm

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Tool wet material processing.
High concentration of diamond segment height 2.7 mm.
Binder optimized especially for working granite and marble
Higher grade STANDARD optimal ratio "price / durability / quality"
Using the whole procedure (30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1500, 3000, BUFF) to achieve the perfect shine without the need of any surface treatment (impregnation, highlight color, glaze, etc.)

The use:
diameter 80 mm: For small hand-held machines suitable for polishing small areas, corners, radius and recesses. Working places where you reach a larger diameter. Also suitable for detailed work kamenosochárske
100 mm diameter: the most used mean of stonemasonry. A suitable tool for routine stonework machines for working the outer and inner arc. Excellent price / quality ratio
125 mm diameter: Tool classic stone-polishing machines side. The larger work surface faster working = = saving energy (water, Elekrik time)
150 mm diameter: for shoulder grinding, side machines


Description grain:
# 30 - roughly trimmed material. In most cases it is not necessary to start this process grit
# 50, # 100, # 200 - the "grinding" in process.
# 400, # 600, # 800 - 400 grit is starting to form farrba material. # 600 should be used only for Dark Materials (nice selection of colors)
# 1500, # 3000, buff - Using these methods can reach the surface of the stone mirror polish

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